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Has developed a Development Strategy for 2020-2023, the implementation of which will increase the number, volume and breadth of geographical coverage of financing of agro-industrial complex entities in rural areas, including through financial institutions, and will also contribute to creating conditions for redirecting funds of financial institutions to agriculture, will form an effective model of the Company's activities, increase transparency of corporate governance and the speed of decision-making to meet the needs of Society's customers.
Joint Stock Company "Agrarian Credit Corporation" (hereinafter referred to as the Company), inherently following in its activities the promotion of sustainable development of the agro—industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan by forming an affordable and effective financing system, guided by the principles of the quality management system (QMS) proclaimed in ISO 9001, complying with the requirements of regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of financing of the agro-industrial complex.

The Company has defined its main areas of activity as:

  • creation of an affordable and efficient financing system;
  • promoting competitive business development;
  • improving the efficiency of the Company's activities.

In order to fulfill the strategic directions of the Company's activities, the top management of the Company undertakes the obligation:

01 Make timely and reasonable decisions and allocate the necessary resources

02 Respect the rights of shareholders, investors and other interested parties

03 Improve the performance management system (by ensuring the construction of a balanced system of key performance indicators and their further cascading from strategic to functional and operational levels)

04 Improve the quality management system to achieve the goals and objectives

05 Improve an effective risk management system

06 To increase the competence of personnel in key areas of activity to achieve the strategic goals of the Company

The Company's top management assumes responsibility for the implementation of this Policy, the constant analysis of the Policy for compliance with new challenges and opportunities and improving the effectiveness of the quality management system

The top management of the Company highly appreciates the commitment, initiative and professionalism of the staff and hopes to maintain this Policy at all levels.

GOALS in the field of quality of the joint-stock company "Agricultural Credit Corporation" for 2024

In order to achieve the obligations set out in the Quality Policy, JSC Agrarian Credit Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the Company) has defined the following objectives:

  • ensure the volume of lending to the agro-industrial complex within the framework of the Company's financing programs at least 330.0 billion tenge;
  • ensure the volume of investments in fixed assets in the agro-industrial complex (for the year) at least 135.1 billion tenge;
  • provide financial support to micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises - 8,868 entities;
  • NPL деңгейін – 7,29 % қамтамасыз ету;
  • ensure the share of the loan and investment portfolio from total assets - 70.22%;
  • ensure the inspection audit of the Company's quality management system, and maintain the Company's quality management system in working condition in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015, aimed at improving the effectiveness of the quality management system in the Company.

Approved by the Order of the Chairman of the Board of JSC Agrarian Credit Corporation dated October 13, 2023 No. 1201-O.